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Private Program

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

Emotional and mental tension can create a physical pain. In mindfulness program we emphasize that awareness and thinking are very different capacities. Both, of course, are extremely potent and valuable, but from the perspective of mindfulness, it is awareness that is healing, rather than mere thinking. Mindfulness brings you into the present moment. Instead of ruminating, be present and see how you actually feel.

Chronic pain can be both frustrating and debilitating and is heightened through emotional and mental tension. In this program, we teach those who are suffering, how to view pain from a perspective of curiosity rather than from resistance or immediate judgement. Through mindful-based strategies such as breathing and body scan meditation, we teach individuals how to create awareness around their pain, release tension and bring them back to the present moment to create a sense of calm and ease.

 Length: Minimum 8 sessions
Intensity: 2 hours per week
Ideal for : Those dealing with chronic pain, cancer patients

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